“The Smart Pumper™ is an “Internet of Things” device that uses your in-country communication network of choice to monitor and control virtually anything from anywhere through authorized devices we help you set up.”


The Smart Pumper™ is an Internet of Things (IoT) device.  A Hybrid Technology (PLC+SCADA) with six forms of communication built-into it to provide global networking capability and the software required to connect physical devices such as variable frequency drives,sensors, meters and other electronic devices.  It can also process the data in real time and logically respond to conditions while at the same time delivering remote control, monitoring and data collection capability to authorized users over the internet.

Communication to and from the Smart Pumper™ system is mapped through private VPN tunnels, and various firewalls from a cloud server and back to you; or simply, directly from the Smart Pumper through your firewall to your server.  Authorized users on authorized devices are then able to access site data for analytical & report generation purposes as well as to manage their assets remotely.

The Smart Pumper™ device and software provides all the associated magic in a single box to help you easily connect, protect and optimize your operations.

The Smart Pumper™ is an IoT platform that allows for virtually endless opportunity for use to reduce health safety and environmental risk.

Security is a big element to our integration methodology, as well,and is oftentimes brought up. “What has the Smart Pumper Team done to make sure that our information and operations stay secure?”  Ask, and we will share how our system works and provides the security you need.