“The Smart Pumper™ platform has multiple software applications built into it.  The software automates and streamlines pumping operations from wells, reservoirs and facilities to pipelines and other. The data collected (52+ points) including metering for reporting, accounting and analytical work will set you free.”


In general, the Smart Pumper TM  is a PLC with communications built-in used to connect remote assets to authorized users and help them protect and optimize your operation.   It response to conditions you set in real time and works in conjunction with the sensor array you have deployed to provide the answers and information you need.

There are many conditions that can be automated that will increase safety, reduce environmental risk and optimize pump life through the patented precision pump control method which is based on real time fluid level.

The reason to use the Smart Pumper TM is to control any VFD, gather Meter data, control a series of Motors through Relays, control Chemical Pumps, Monitor Tank Levels, Pipelines and Compressors as well as efficiently process and collect a large amount of data with minimal human interaction.  Ultimately, you can share this data with your selected audience. By using all 8 analog, 8 digital inputs, and Modbus the user can create a very “SMART” operation.

Within minutes of deployment, the Smart Pumper™ will automatically and continuously manage your pump speed to achieve the fluid level you select, over a period of days you define, for the smoothest draw down possible.

You can conduct 24-48-hour reservoir build-up tests via the web on your schedule.

Set warnings and actionable responses to data logged such as:

  • Flowline Pressure to detect leaks, blockage, plan and schedule maintenance, protect the line and/or pump from excess pressure.
  • Well Bore Fluid Level Data to optimize production, protect the downhole pump, identify pump wear and/or a hole in the tubing, understand pump sizing requirements, diagnose near well perm damage and more.
  • Control and Gather VFD Data see real time line voltage, amps (low amps could be a parted rod or thrown belt), HP, KW, Torque (sanding up), and other important messaging such as motor ground fault error (need to replace motor), phase out, low, high and no voltage messaging too.
  • Meter Fluid and Gas Rates with accounting of current rate, yesterday, this month, last month and cum from start.
  • Pump Rate Calculator provides estimated volume rate as pump speed changes to compare against a metered rate if you have a meter.
  • Down-Hole pressure and Down-Hole temperature for a clearer understanding of what is going on at and above the pump or while a well is flowing for reservoir studies as well as critical operational clues which help you optimize.
  • Casing and Vessel Pressure Data for setting limits for safety as well as running plunger and gas lift.
  • Tank Level Data can be very useful and answer many questions like; did the crude gatherer pick-up oil today (did I sell oil), how much and did that match the ticket, current inventory, and for environmental protection – stop the pump at the high tank level fault. For chemical tanks it is used to order more, (text message to supplier and accounting department) determine how much was delivered and track usage.
  • Water Quality to run the pumps and track pH, ORP, Turbidity, Salinity and other variables as well as to inject chemicals (chlorine, inhibitors and other) at various rates while producing and/or transferring water.
  • Water Flood or other EOR to automate offtakes, injection pumps, chemical additives and more.
  • Manage Chemical Injection in Harmony with Flowing and Pumping Operations to control and monitor all aspects.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with a Smart Pumper in the field today.

Case Study by Staatsolie which compared the Smart Pumper to Others and they discover Smart Pumper increased output by 18-58% and reduced Cap-Ex by a similar factor.”

See Current Applications managed by the Smart PumperTM.

Shown: Automated Hydraulic Lift System pumping oil from an Offshore Platform in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Trinidad.