Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Once the unit is running would we be able to monitor from any computer thru the internet?

Yes.  The administrators of the Smart Pumper™ Automation Server software can provide passwords and usernames to specific parties that the supervisor may want to have access to wells and/or facilities.  These users can be given various degrees of authority from view only to full administrative capability.

  • If we were to connect to our server what would be involved?

To use a Company in house server versus outsourced server, the following would be involved.
a) License Smart Pumper™ Server Software (minimal annual fee).
b) Set up a Private APN/VPN tunnel to secure your data transfer from your wells and facilities to your server.   We provide the special firewall router that is compatible with local 3-4G provider and connect it to your server with the help of your IT department.  Once installed, we would activate the private APN/VPN tunnel with your service provider on your behalf.   This process generally takes about a week.

  • Are there any additional costs not included here that are required for this system to be operational? (the cost of the communication network).

Although the Smart Pumper™ Automation package works independent of communication, there will be monthly communication network charges from your service provider to provide this service as well as maintain their network.  Thankfully this is a very small and reasonable cost typically less than US$17 per month with contact to site every ten minutes for data and on demand for control 24/7. 

  • What is the warranty period?

The system is guaranteed to work on deployment.  And, although electronics typically do not have warranty due to the harsh outdoor environment, the Smart Pumper™ PLC has a 12 month warranty.  If it breaks for any reason other than obvious high voltage spike, we will exchange it for free for your field personnel to change it in the field. Also, because the Smart Pumper™ data logs the enclosure temperature over time, you will be able to better hold the VFD manufacturer accountable as well.  Being able to show them that the temperature in the enclosure never exceeded environmental specifications goes a long way to holding them to their warranty commitment.

  • What has the reliability been with these units?

The Smart Pumper™ Automation packages have been in service since 2008 trouble free.  Software revisions to add features such as flow meters, VFD manufacturers and other customer requested features are ongoing.  CE FCC, Canadian and European certifications were awarded in May 2011.

  • Would you say that this unit is:

a) Easy to install and setup?  Yes.
b) Can be up and running in a matter of hours?  Yes.
c) Robust built?  Yes, hermetically sealed -40 F to 170 F.
d) Reliable?  Yes, extremely.

  • Are there vibration sensors that can be used with this unit?

Yes.  Vibration sensors are currently being used with the Smart Pumper™ Automation system.  These are commonly either “on or off" given the tolerance set. There are several companies which manufacture vibration transmitters which will provide simple acceleration, velocity or displacement via a machinery mounted accelerometer.  With that approach, a conditioned vibration measurement can be sent back to Smart Pumper™ via a 4-20mA loop for trending and monitoring.  Smart Pumper™ can also provide an email Warning or even trip-off the machine if Fault level measurements are detected – A very cost effective strategy for vibration monitoring.

  •  Where is the data stored?

The data is stored on the Smart Pumper™ device and uploaded to the server every ten minutes. There is a Real Time Clock in the Smart Pumper™ that syncs to the server and allows for back filling as well. 

  • What type of software training is necessary if any? 

Most of the software is very intuitive Windows based technology.  Training is available worldwide via PetroCom in Trinidad and Smart Pumper in North America.