WASA Project

The Water and Sewerage Authority in Trinidad and Tobago (WASA) has successfully used the Smart Pumper™ to capture rain water run off from a ravine for storage in a reserve for future use (Site 1) and has automated a water well with a submersible pump (ESP) in the community of Diego Martin (Site 2).  In addition, the utility uses the Smart Pumper's secure web interface which provides a control room environment for their engineering team to remotely control and monitor the sites from their St. Joseph Village facility in Central Trinidad. 

At Site 1, water is pulled from a fresh water ravine (when present) and is pumped into a pond (reserve) for treatment and community use over time.  The ravine has water available for transfer on an infrequent basis.  Common transfer pump systems frequently burned out due to blocked suction and or dry dry pumping.  The Smart Pumper™ has extended pump life and reduced maintenance cost by monitoring the ravine levels, suction pressure, discharge pressure and line voltage.  The Smart Pumper solution has enabled WASA to capture and save more water and provide personnel with greater detail (event history) helping them to create a road map for corrective measures.

At Site 2, water is pumped from an aquifer at approximately 400 feet from the subsurface to a nearby treatment plant.  The Smart Pumper™ controls the water well (ESP) and monitors various aspects of the facility (salinity, PH, temperature, line voltage and other things).  It also automatically maintains an optimum fluid level in the well to ensure the ESP does not cavitate. As a result, the WASA team is able to remotely control, monitor and diagnose conditions. The most common cause of downtime in their case was due to low voltage.  With the Smart Pumper™ in place, WASA and the Electric Utility is able to receive power outage notifications as they occur, helping them to compress down time.  Once the power returns, the system errors clear and it auto restarts without the need for a site visit so long the selected auto restart conditions are green.