Smart Field by Smart Pumper
New Horizon Exploration Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. (NHE) is in the middle of a 110-well Smart Pumper™ Automation project. The Smart Pumper™ Team in Trinidad provides support on a daily basis to train their crew on deployment and use.  In this case, the Smart Pumper is being used to automate pump jacks with tubing pumps, drive heads running progressive cavity pumps and hydraulic tower pumps.
In the past, the company was not able to keep its wells pumping for very long because of the complex nature of the heavy oil reservoir that it produces.  However today, the company stated pump run time has increased from a couple months to more than a year and half.  As a result, NHE finds that it is able to add more wells to its portfolio without expanding its business unit (adding more rigs and personnel). NHE stated benefits include reduction in labor costs, reduction in expense and rig time and compressing down time.  
The data logged by the Smart Pumper has also helped the company recognize unique attributes of their reservoir that have led to increased production.
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Smart Pumper controlling Pump Jack in Parrylands.

  Water Well automated by Smart Pumper in New Horizon's Parryland Block