Automated Chemical Injection
Chemical Injection Automation
The Smart Pumper ™  remotely controls and monitors chemical injection pump operations at the same time that it controls and monitors artificial lift systems.  The method used to automate chemical pumps is tied to Smart Pumper’s patented precision pump speed control based upon real time fluid level to the specific level you wish to achieve and maintain over time.  In other words, as Smart Pumper TM automatically changes the speed of an artificial lift device or surface injectors, it automatically changes the speed of a series of chemical pumps to keep chemistry perfectly aligned with automated output.
Through secure mobile devices, you can change your mode of operation from the described automated form above to manual control.  Then, you are able to manually change the chemical injection rate(s) independent of the artificial lift operation.  Set conditions, warnings, faults, and change other operational aspect of your facility remotely as well.
Communication and Site Data Logged
Up to one hundred (100) reference points are calculated and gathered by the Smart Pumper RTU in real time.  The data options you select to use and set up are available through built-in communication and web interface that functions with the network provider of your choice.  The Smart Pumper works in any Country and is accessible through proxy and secure tunnels from anywhere for remote diagnostics, analytics and control (4G, 900 MHz, 802.11, Modbus).
Chemical Pump Usage Data covering Each Pump
The Smart Pumper provides:  Current Rate, Current 24 Hours, Last 24 Hours, Current Month, Last Month and Cum Total 
Metered Rates
The Smart Pumper displays: Current Rate, Current 24 Hours, Last 24 Hours, Current Month, Last Month and Cum Total
Tank Level Control and Monitoring with Messaging
The Smart Pumper tracks chemical tank levels over time and provides high and low level warnings with auto re-order messaging to administration and supplier.
Smart Pumper ™  is a Master Controller
The Smart Pumper is a universal platform that also controls variable frequency devices (VFD) and therefore can be paired with the VFD of the customer’s choice.  Some will suggest, don’t just buy a chemical pump controller, buy a Smart Pumper ™  to be able to do more for less.