Remote Access Brings the Well-Site to You

The simple to operate Smart Pumper™ provides you with the capability to remotely manage your wells in real time, saving valuable time and money.

The reason the Smart Pumper™ is "smart" is that it has the unique ability to respond to flow changes on its own. The Smart Pumper™ will automatically adjust pump speed (speeding up or slowing down) in response to changes in inflow, achieving the ideal rate of outflow to match conditions.

The Smart Pumper™ uses a “Secure Web Interface Platform to Your File Server” to allow users to view entire field(s) with status codes for each well to help the operator quickly prioritize daily field maintenance activity.  Dig deeper into a selected well of interest to review data logged on that particular well for analytical work. The Smart Pumper™ provides you with instant messaging as faults and/or warnings occur.
A recent poll conducted by Microsoft and Accenture (Upstream Computing Trends Survey 2010, published excerpts in Rigzone 9/21/10) found that the greatest complaint with systems available to date included the following: data collected is not easily accessed, not easily archived, requires more time to process and assimilate data in order to instruct workers on how to proceed.
However, the Smart Pumper™ has made a breakthrough as it measures and records well site data and makes operational decisions without constant oversight from production engineers.
The data collected from analysis algorithms built into the web-based application is easily archived to the user’s server and shared via desktop authorization supporting an open environment for efficient collaboration among peers, a significant advantage over the traditional software development paradigms.