Real Time 2-Way Web-Based Communication
  • Communication protocols are built-in (Digital Cell and Radio) and provide two-way communications that allow authorized users to manage and control well site operating parameters and receive well and facility data from anywhere.
  • Modem scripts within its firmware help make the Smart Pumper™ a universal platform by providing global coverage.  Automatically load script for European, North American, South American, Middle East, and Asian Rim markets and begin receiving.
  • Data transfer and control occurs through private and secure APN/VPN tunnels managed by your preferred telecommunication provider such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Digicel, and others.  National Phone Companies will be assisted by our communication network team to define the steps and equipment needed to set up and activate their network so that they too can provide the same network service to their local companies as well.
  • The web-based system measures and records all of your well data and makes operational decisions for you (if defined) without constant oversight from production engineers. The real time monitoring with warning and fault conditions enhance the safety of others and the protection of our environment.
  • The 2-way web-based communication will significantly reduce operational expense by eliminating the need for sophisticated SCADA systems, engineering set-up cost, third party communication specialists, the drive time to and from the well, and more.  Smart Pumper™ data can be mapped into existing SCADA systems as well.
  • The Smart Pumper™ is pre-programmed and self-determining the moment it is activated.