Precision Pumping through Automation
The Smart Pumper™ platform is a streamline Automation and Monitoring system that can be used to manage any type of well-site operation (water wells, high gas/oil ratio, coalbed methane, shale gas, marginal oil, thermally stimulated wells and others) in real time over the web through a variety of communication protocols that are built-in.
Use the Smart Pumper™ to control Drive Heads with PCPs, ESPs, Pump Jacks with rod pumps, saltwater disposal pump stations, and more. User sets only two parameters (the fluid level target desired and number of days to reach the target) to maximize pump operation, production, and efficiency.  In addition, The Smart Pumper™ incorporates innovative power management features to help reduce energy use and enhance environmental stewardship of well site operation.

                                     Fluid level reference graph