Monitor, Control and Schedule
The Smart Pumper™ automatically and continuously manages your pump speed to achieve the fluid level you select, over a period of days you define, for a smooth draw down to avoid common pumping problems and optimize production.
Conduct a 24-48 hour build up test via the web by selecting your “stop well” button and then data log down-hole pressure over time. By using all 8 analog and 8 digital inputs, the user can create a very “SMART” operation. Set warning and actionable responses to the data log from 16 variables you can define over time. Variables include:
· Flow line pressure to:
· detect leaks
· detect line blockage
· plan maintenance
· save the pump from excessive pressure
· Fluid level (hole in tubing and/or pump wear)
· Down-hole pressure
· Down-hole temperature
· Casing pressure
· Metered gas and fluid flow
· Calculate pump rate at given speeds (pump wear)
· Line voltage
· Amps (parted rods)
· HP
· KW
· Torque (sanding up)
· Tank levels
In a recent poll conducted by Microsoft and Accenture (Upstream Computing Trends Survey 2010, published excerpts in Rigzone 9/21/10) found the greatest complaint with systems available to date included the following: data collected is not easily accessed, not easily archived, requires more time to process and assimilate data in order to instruct workers on how to proceed. 
However, The Smart Pumper™ has made a breakthrough as it measures and records well site data and makes operational decisions without constant oversight from production engineers.

The data collected from analysis algorithms built into the web-based application is easily archived to the user's server and shared via desktop authorization supporting an open environment for efficient collaboration among peers, a significant advantage over the traditional software development paradigms.