Product Overview
The Smart Pumper™ artificial lift automation (Patented 2014) has been engineered and manufactured as a universal platform to interface with and manage any VFD for all pumping applications.  The Smart Pumper™ can be used with ESPs, PCPs, pump jacks and others to optimize production and reduce cost through perfect control of fluid levels.
Smart Pumper™ Automation Packages offer production and reservoir engineers a plug-and-play solution to pump a well to your target fluid level within your set time frame without step ladder programming.  It matches pump output with fluid inflow in real time.  In addition, built-in communication will bring well data from 30+ sensor inputs to your desktop within minutes of activation.
Smart Pumper™ services include:  
Assembly of Automation Packages (any horse power)
Communication Activation
Site Installation
Site Training
Server Hosting 
Server Licenses for companies using their existing in-house server
Communication Support
Private APN/VPN Tunnel Construction
Remote Diagnostics of Operations when requested