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Smart Pumper Automation Solutions

Headquartered in Houston, Smart Pumper Automation Solutions provides a universal platform for oil, gas and water industries to manage and monitor devices including electric submersible pumps (ESPs), progressive cavity pumps (PCPs), pump jacks, saltwater disposal systems, pipelines, tank farms, gas lift and plunger lift.  The Smart Pumper platform is artificial lift automation and monitoring system that has been designed to interface with and manage any variable-frequent drive for all pumping applications.  It can be used to optimize production and cot costs through precise control of fluid levels.

The Smart Pumper automation packages, in service since 2009, provide operators with a plug-and-play solution to pump a well to a target fluid level within their set time frame without step-ladder programming.  The technology matches pump output with fluid inflow in real
SmartPumper Unit
time, and built-in communication delivers well data from 30-plau sensor inputs to the operator’s computer and/or mobile device within minutes of activation, the company said on its website.
SmartPumper Housing The Smart Pumper services include assembly of the automation packages (any horsepower), testing, communication activation, site installation, site training, firmware, server hosting, server licenses for companies using their existing in-house server, communication support, private access point names and virtual private networks tunnel construction and remote diagnostics and set up and can be up and running in a matter of hours, according to the company.