Smart Pumper instantly automates wells with GRC Guages Downhole

GRC Amerada Gauge (Geophysical Research Company): Tulsa
“I discovered the Smart Pumper™ Automation while in Suriname meeting with my client, the National Oil Company.  It quickly became clear to me from their response, that GRC needed to align with this unique and powerful platform.  So during 2011, GRC provided the Smart Pumper™ Automation Team with our confidential technical firmware so that the Smart Pumper™ would work as “a plug-in and play” system with our high-end sensors and gauge.  The Smart Pumper™ team succeeded in the challenge and today, you can retrofit existing wells that have GRC gauges in them to instantly automate those wells and bring the down hole pressure and temperature data from our gauges to your desktop through the two way communication that is built into every Smart Pumper™.”   - Gabe Cochran, Field Customer Service Manager