Smart Pumper Automation made our Drive Head for PCP applications extremely reliable

Shallow well producers are surprised to learn that they can complete their wells for less and get so much more from the Direct Drive Smart Pumping solution.  The referenced Smart Pumping System is being used by many, all noteworthy but possibly the most comprehensive study by any of the users was from the National Oil Company of Suriname (Staatsolie) whose corporate governance dictated they undertake comprehensive studies, tests and comparisons before electing to use the system. 

Our claim is that the Smart Pumper Automation package made the Direct Drive-Head for PCPs artificial lift, the most reliable and cost effective system for pumping wells <5000 feet; a competitive and reliable alternative lift system to pump jacks and ESPs.

Their claim, our deliverables cost 50% less than the competition; to much we owe thanks to the Smart Pumper team.  Visit us at