The Benefits of Using a Smart Pumper

"The patented Precision Pump Automation provided by The Smart Pumper TM increased production 17%-58% in field tests against the competition. It cost 50% less and reduced operational cost by as much as 25% per well".

Ref. Staatsolie Study (National Oil Company of Suriname).  “Our objective was to compare its ease of use and precision pump control to all previously used systems.”
It really works optimizing production as stated above and was recommended for field deployment.

SPE Paper by Staatsolie: SPE-157717 Cliff R Griffith_June 2013.pdf

The Smart Pumper TM is a powerful RTU with software that provides the key to having a “smart operation” today - not just a buzz word.   It controls all forms of artificial lift based on a number of factors including real time fluid level to the specific target you desire.  It also responds to over 38 input variables and sensor options associated with field and facility applications and data logs the user defined inputs to provide critical historical information for analytic work.  It is a master controller of variable frequency devices (VFD) and multiple chemical pumps simultaneously.
The Smart Pumper TM also eliminates the need to install costly SCADA networks because it has built-in communications and software that creates an instant “Control and Monitoring Environment” for users who do not have an existing control centers.  If deployed within legacy SCADA networks, it can be mapped into existing system interfaces to provide production managers with greater capability without abandoning legacy SCADA “monitoring” centers.  The tangible benefits of a Smart Pumper automation system versus a common SCADA Pac (with 4 inputs that only monitors) is realized immediately costing ½ as much and delivering much more over time. 

Bottom line: Know and Control to Reduce Cost, Increase Revenue, and Reduce HSE risk.